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Cloud boat
27.06.2014, Words by dummymag

Cloud Boat - Hallow

Following the rumbling Hideaway, and the big ol' embraces of Carmine, here's the next piece to Cloud Boat's second album. Hallow will close out 'Model Of You', and it's a whopping big album closer in the way they should be: gently whipping up the energy levels, before going all acoustic-y, and then breaking into full-on, fist-pumping dance-rock for the close. The duo have also posted the lyrics up for this one, which isn't something that happens enough these days, so we get full insight into images of drinking rain, calling for thunder – and the nod to the album name – of  building "a model of you". 

Apollo/R&S will release 'Model Of You' on July 7th 2014. 

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