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20.08.2021, Words by Maisie Goulsbra

Cocoelusive shares celestial EP 'In Neptune'

With ADD and dyslexia diagnoses, Cocoelusive found healing in music...

Alt-R&B singer Cocoelusive has released ‘In Neptune’, a celestial EP consisting of laidback beats and captivating melodies. Born of Portuguese-Cape Verdean descent and based in London, Nance Brito aka Cocoelusive, didn’t have an easy childhood – she was riddled with social anxiety before being diagnosed with ADD and dyslexia. However, she found healing in music and set about purchasing beats online that spoke to her, before recording vocal parts in her bedroom.

The first track on ‘In Neptune’, ‘LoveJam‘ marks the beginning of Cocoelusive’s search for truth. When this track was released as a single, it made Spotify’s Editorial playlist, Fresh Finds, The Wave, DUMMY Best new artists, The Pit London-R&B vibes, and Tidal’s Rising R&B playlist. The next track on the EP is ‘EGOS’, a slow jam about the conflict between finding yourself versus yourself in love.

Cocoelusive’s tracks are produced by weaving elements of electronic music with her whispery R&B melodies, rendering the kind of moody atmosphere found on ‘L.I.A.I.N’ (Love Is All I Need). ‘D.A.G.O’ (an abbreviation for Diamonds Are Getting Old) uses harder trap sounds to contrast to the singer’s delicate vocals, while ‘Blunt Eyes’ uses playful lyrics properly convey the ups and downs of relationships.

Your Ways‘ interpolates the melody from Dua Lipa’s ‘Don’t Start Now’, bending it into something more solemn while dealing with the topic of infidelity. Cocoelusive explains, “everything from the melody to the lyric representation of ‘Don’t Start Now’ correlated to what I wanted to talk about at the time. I speak about the beginning of resentment creeping in while still doing everything to keep the relationship standing.”

Cocoelusive is performing at DMY Live at The Waiting Room on Wednesday 1st September. Tickets are available through Dice.

‘In Neptune’ EP is out now via DMY.

Listen to ‘In Neptune’ on your favourite streaming service here.

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