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28.07.2011, Words by Charlie Jones

Damu - She's Liquid [MP3]

The latest release on London’s Local Action Records comes from producer Damu. The ‘Mermaid’ EP is a strong first showing. The title track, with its pitched vocals and swooning, all-surrounding textures, is closest perhaps to Montreal producer Jacques Greene. Beat Of Zen is harder, charging with footwork sharpness. Fittingly, there’s a remix from DJ Rashad and DJ Earl of this on the record too.

There’s an EP and an album on London label Keysound (responsible for this year’s album from LV) pending but in the meantime you can download the She’s Liquid MP3 above. The lushness of ‘Mermaid’ is apparent, as he sends synths and vocals skittering in circles, while currents of bass undulate beneath then break to the surface. Be caught up in its colourful, bold depths.

Local Action Records released Damu’s ‘Mermaid’ EP on 16th July 2011

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