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13.12.2012, Words by dummymag

Darkstar - Amplified Ease

Darkstar have already given a taste of their second album with the music box murmurs of Timeaway – its effortless switch up in style from their earlier work making it one of 2012’s finest moments – and an intimate live performance of the beatific nursery rhyme melodies of A Day’s Pay For A Day’s Work. Next up, here’s the water-soaked rhythms and undulating sub-bass of new single Amplified Ease. The group have shared that they wanted the track’s melody to bypass verse/chorus arrangement to create something mantra-like: and the deconstructed pop hooks of Amplified Ease live up to that aim. Its softly plucked strings and instinctive vocal meanderings also give it more than a passing resemblance to ‘Feels’-era Animal Collective – another group who’ve often had a penchant for laughing in the face of conventional song structure.

Stream the original studio version or a captivating live performance of the track below:

Warp Records will release ‘News From Nowhere’ on the 4th/5th of February, and the Amplified Ease Single

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