New Music
22.08.2012, Words by Charlie Jones

Daughn Gibson – Reach Into The Fire

Daughn Gibson is one of the year’s most interesting artists. A Pennsylvanian who cut his teeth in stoner metal / hardcore bands, he got into electronic music on his truckrides across the states, the sounds of Demdike Stare and Burial and long night journeys seeping into his music. The first results of this intriguing combination were released through White Denim, and, after something of an industry scrum by all accounts, he has emerged with a contract from Sub Pop, and a new song, Reach Into That Fire.

What to say? His drumming left him with the ability to mix complex and instinctual rhythms while his melodies are simple, basic-even, underlining their emotional core. It’s weird yet deeply charismatic that deserves to make this humble, complex man very famous. Good luck, to all involved.

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