New Music
10.05.2012, Words by Charlie Jones

Doe Paoro – Slow to Love

Brooklyn singer Doe Paoro’s music is a combination of delicate instrumentation and big dreams, and her Bandcamp album ‘Slow To Love’ is the product of a trip to the Himalayas. Her music recalls many touchstones of now – vocoders, wide-open vocals, crashing drums – but it’s pulled together with a messy charisma that really, really impresses. Read her notes below a stream of the record itself.

While writing “Slow to Love,” I became aware that I was existing in a creative state that I hadn’t been in before—all of the pathways were open and ideas were flowing through me. I’d spent the previous six months traveling alone and a good part of that time in India. In the Himalayas, I came into contact with a master of Lhamo, which is a kind of Tibetan folk opera, and studied under him. This way of singing was a revelation: I could feel my voice vibrating through my body, and through it I became more aware and connected to my inner world. After I returned to Brooklyn, I realized I felt every feeling with more depth than before because I felt it on a bodily level. The weight of these sensations became indescribable through plain language; I could only express them through sound. My own healing is the core of the album.

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