New Music
22.06.2011, Words by Charlie Jones

Drake – Trust Issues [MP3]

This week Drake won “International Video of the Year” at the MuchMusic Video awards for Find Your Love, but he’s still really sad. After all the girls have caught cabs home and Lil Wayne has heated up his Ovaltine, Drake is left sitting in his hotel room contemplating what he’s become. It doesn’t take much to identify the producer on this one as partner in crime, Noah “40” Shebib. Featuring the same drums 40 used in I’m On One, Drake begins with a drowsy recital of the chorus from that same track dredging both vocal and instrumental through an ocean of codeine. While it might initially seem cheap, it’s an eerily honest example of Drake reliving the night’s highs, mumbling to himself the lyrics of one of his hits as he mixes up another drink. From here he stumbles between circular promises to a certain girl, rapping about his past and vocally examining his new life. Just as The Weeknd’s lyrics sound like what truly goes on in Chris Brown’s head, Drake seems to channel what happens when all of The Weeknd’s partying goes wrong and he’s left to clear up.

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