New Music
02.07.2013, Words by Aimee Cliff

E.m.m.a - Kingfisher

Putney-based producer E.m.m.a, who described her contribution to Keysound’s recent ‘This Is How We Roll’ compilation as “Magic Roundabout, sugary, baroque UK funky” to fabric, is about to release her own album ‘Blue Gardens’ with the label. Whilst much of the Keysound’s output consists of splinters of dark, bass-heavy and very London-centric electronic music, E.m.m.a prioritizes melody and colour – with bright synth arrangements placed at the forefront and the rhythms added after, placing her slightly to the edge or at least on another side of that spectrum. Her distinct approach is illustrated no clearer than it is on Kingfisher, an album bonus track given away for free through XLR8R. Stream and download it below.

E.m.m.a also gets a mention in Adam Harper’s recent essay on the rise of the ‘neon’ sound in the UK’s dance underground; read that here.

‘Blue Gardens’ is out via Keysound Recordings on 29 July 2013

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