New Music
05.01.2012, Words by Charlie Jones

New Evian Christ jams justify/increase the hype

Evian Christ is someone we know two things about:

1. On the 30th December, s/he posted seven of the most interesting pieces of music out there in months, demonstrating new ideas and a gift for tonal and melodic understanding alongside an emotional scope rare in any music, let alone the gaseous bass sound. Uploaded to YouTube with vaguely futurist (though not in the slightest bit retro) artwork and given witty names, there was no other details available. But we dutifully went bonkers for it, posted the tracks and a few other sites did too.

2. S/he posted another four tracks, which demonstrate even more ambition, scope and range over the last four days. Sampling avant musician Grouper, but still working in the fractured template of footwork’s scattering drums, s/he plays with wit and grace, and there is no one new producer I am more excited about as we go into 2012 than Evian Christ, whoever s/he is.

Evian Christ – thrown like jacks

Evian Christ – horses in motor

Evian Christ – go girl

Evian Christ – MYD

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