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01.07.2011, Words by Charlie Jones

Freddy Ruppert - For The Sake Of [stream]

Former Ghosts’ music has always been emotionally raw, startlingly open about what’s on songwriter Freddy Ruppert’s insides. Now, as a stop-gap between his second and forthcoming third album, he’s dropped the moniker and put out a digital-only album under his name Freddy Ruppert. ‘Dove Hounds (American Tragedies)’ though doesn’t deal with personal trauma, it’s a work inspired by the tragic lives of famous Americans, from Elvis Presley to Sylvia Plath. You can listen to one of the songs from the album, For The Sake Of here, which takes the fractured post-punk familiar from Former Ghosts’ work, and builds it into something mournful and lovely that lingers between Radiohead and New Order. You can download the rest of the album through bandcamp here.

Freddy Ruppert – For The Sake Of by LittleCathedral

Freddy Ruppert’s album ‘Dove Hounds (American Tragedies)’ is available here on Bandcamp

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