New Music
22.01.2013, Words by dummymag

Gold Panda - Trust

Gold Panda has released a new EP entitled ‘Trust’. The title track, unsurprisingly, takes centre stage, a deep shuffler with a muffled horn section in the middle, whilst the other three tracks that comprise the EP are the sort of warm, grainy and indescribably melancholic synth tracks that Gold Panda has been perfecting over the last couple of years. In the EP’s press release, Gold Panda describes the EP as about trusting your instincts. “I make a lot of music but not much gets to see the light of day‚Ķbut I trust my judgement that these tracks are worthy enough to commit to vinyl.”

You can stream the whole thing on his website, and catch him on live dates including a show at Brixton Electric on June 12th. There’s also this handy and hilarious website – Is The New Gold Panda Album Out Yet? – to get you pumped for Gold Panda’s forthcoming new record.

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