New Music
13.02.2013, Words by Anthony Walker

Gucci Mane - Trap God 2

If Gucci Mane’s 2012 was for rebuilding then 2013 is for reasserting, and ‘Trap God 2’ follows on from the sinister first installment released late last year. With lines all the more effective for their lack of bluster (“Fuck the bedroom, point me to the kitchen”; “Apologise to your grand daddy cause I beat up his grandson”; “If you wanna stop a duck from quacking then cut off his bill”), sharp synth attacks from a close set of producers and features from regular associates like Waka Flocka Flame and Young Scooter – together with a few singer-on-the-chorus tracks and a couple with newest signing Young Thug – it’s Gucci! Stream and download the full tape below.

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