New Music
30.08.2012, Words by Charlie Jones

Hieroglyphic Being – Imaginary Landscapes #1 - #9

Jamal Moss aka SoMuchNoise2BeHeard (aka Hieroglyphic Being) today uploaded three incredible tracks from a forthcoming Music from Mathematics release. There are three ‘Imaginary Landscapes’ in the series, and whilst they’re grounded in the abstract and experimental they never lose the visceral immediacy and attention-sustaining power that makes them genuinely exciting to listen to. It’s a really delicate line to tread between experimentalism and ‘straighter’ house or techno and few people achieve it as well as the many-monikored and somewhat infamous Jamal Moss.

From the squelchy bassline of the Goblin-esque No 5 to the satellite signals from another dimension of number 6 and No 8’s tense outer-space synth-play, these tracks prove that in the right hands that difficult fine line can bear militant and mesmerising results. These tracks are forthcoming on the next release from Music from Mathematics, a CDR Mathematics which deals solely with Moss’s own prodigious output. Check the SoMuchNoise2BeHeard Soundcloud for more tracks from the forthcoming ‘Paisagens Imaginarias’ release.

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