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27.05.2011, Words by Charlie Jones

"Hello, Hyetal!"

Bristol label Black Acre put out local producer Hyetal’s album ‘Broadcast’ at the beginning of May. It’s something of a mountain range of a record. There were hints of this towering way with sound on last year’s single Phoenix, swooping and fanning its way with giddy grace and beating forward in a way that brought to mind cavalry charges in historical epics. The rest of ‘Broadcast’ sparkles on a similarly grand scale, an album of bass pressure and high-emotion synths sent skywards.

As well as his solo work, he’s collaborated with fellow Bristol resident Julio Bashmore as Velour, releasing ‘The Velvet Collection’ EP on Night Slugs last year, with more apparently in the pipeline for the two. While we wait on that, read our quick interview with Hyetal and stream an MP3 of Diamond Islands from his debut album ‘Broadcast’.





Current location?


Your sound?

Breathing, water, synths, drum machines, bass lines.

How do you record?

I use quite a lot of old stuff, I record it into logic. I sample things, usually from records, tapes or youtube.

Previous experience?

Hip hop via dodgy rock bands.



Last release?


Next release?

Probably another single later in the year.

Next playing?

A bunch of DJ sets, live gigs and festivals over the summer. Looking forward to playing Glastonbury and Glade for the first time.

There’s a really dramatic quality about your music. Where would you say that comes from?

A love of soundtrack music. Being quite a visual person and a day dreamer.

How is Bristol at the moment as a place to live and make music?

Great, things develop naturally at there own pace here without a lot of regard for the fickle nature of the music industry or the competitive mining of new music genres online. Various forms of house music are flourishing right now, your gonna be hearing a lot more of that. People who get the most respect here have there own identity, you can trace that back to any ‘sound’ Bristol has been associated with.

You’ve also worked with Julio Bashmore as Velour. How did that come about, and have you got anything else planned for the project?

I think he hit me up after he heard a Prince tune on a mix I did. Yeah we’ve been writing more stuff.

What message do you hope your album broadcasts?

Peace and love.

Black Acre released Hyetal’s album ‘Broadcast’ on 9th May 2011

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