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14.06.2011, Words by Charlie Jones

Hype Williams - Healing Touch Of A Sista [MP3]

This, which landed in our inboxes with a soundcloud link nothing more, seems to be a live session London duo Hype Williams recorded last december in New York. Upon further enquiry, this was emailed over:


just a session they did in ny

dean got stuck in the us due to some sticky situation with robbing a taxidermists

but anyway

this was recorded during this period”

Make of that what you will, but considering as a live act they are one of the most hypnotic prospects out there, you should definitely listen to it. Following on from their album ‘One Nation’ earlier in the year (one of the best of the year), Hype Williams are set to release their new EP on Hyperdub next month. To tide you over until the release, download the MP3 or stream the sessionĀ on this page.

Hyperdub will release Hype Williams’ ‘Kelly Price W8 Gain Vol. II’ on 4th July 2011

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