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28.09.2012, Words by dummymag

James Ferraro - SO N2U

Internet-centric label Hippos In Tanks will release the new album from “James Ferraro,”: the bewilderingly-titled ‘Shoop2DaDoop’, in November. This will be his first album proper since the incredible/godawful (it really does depend on your opinion, though Dummy’s is resolutely on the “incredible” side) ‘Far Side Virtual’, although he has put out a couple of mixtapes under the Bebetune$ and BODYGUARD aliases in that time.

It’s uncertain if SO N2U, a new track uploaded to Ferraro’s Soundcloud page (currently going by the name ☣ NEW AGE PLAYBOY ☣, FYI), will appear on the album or not, but it is available to stream below. By this point, it would be useless to try and describe the track, but you can make your own mind – given the polarising nature of Ferraro, you’ll have probably settled on an opinion before even listening.

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