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26.11.2012, Words by dummymag

Julian Sartorius - Beat Diary

A beat a day keeps the doctor away: Bern-based drummer Julian Sartorius started living by this maxim on January 1st 2011. For a year, he would record a new beat a day, recording sounds live – everything was played without samples or loops, with overdubs being the only form of post-production allowed.

The end result is a bizarre yet fascinating journey through the possibilities of percussion, making noise using everything from standard drum setups to the bangs of a firework or the clicks of a light switch, which any fans of field recordings and found sound should be interested in. The diary is being released across a staggering 12LP boxset on Everest Records and Kommode Verlag on December 14th, and you can stream a preview of the whole project below.

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