New Music
21.09.2012, Words by dummymag

Les Sins - Fetch/Taken

Jiaolong seems to be the go-to place for leftfield electronica acts to flex their dance music muscles. So far, the label has put out tracks from Jeremy Greenspan (aka one half of Junior Boys), label runner Daphni (aka Caribou) and now from Les Sings (aka Toro Y Moi). But often its an outsider’s take on dance music that can be the most interesting – just look at James Murphy, or Arthur Russell, or Caribou himself, all able to bring fresh perspectives that those too close to a scene may not be able to.

As Les Sins, Chazwick Bundick doesn’t necessarily offer a new perspective, but he does offer two very lovely house-y cuts. The a-side, Fetch, brings many of the nostalgics that Toro y Moi specialises in and applies them specifically to house tropes. He utilises the usual suspects – cut up r&b vocal samples, piano stabs and Yamaha synths – but they’re presented in such a scrambled way for it not to seem too laboured. The b-side, Taken, is the better of the two, a synthetic horn wandering over a solid groove without adhering to much of a predictable structure. It’s not radical, and it’s not purist house music, but it is fun and is pulled off with understated flair.

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