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23.05.2011, Words by Charlie Jones

Lil B & Clams Casino - Cold And Love Based Freestyle [MP3]

New Jersey producer Clams Casino makes beats that go deeper than most. They’re rough around the edges, come down insistently, but also delicate, pleasantly woozy, landing with a rather special, rugged warmth, not unconnected to his use of Bjork’s Pagan Poetry. He’s got an EP due out on Tri Angle records at the end of next month (on the subject of rainforests), which seems a perfect home for his off-kilter but big-hearted productions. In the meantime, he’s posted this track of Lil B freestyling over his beats, which does well to whet our appetite for his next official release. Download the MP3 above.

Tri Angle will release Clams Casino’s EP ‘Rainforest’ on the 27th June 2011

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