New Music
02.05.2013, Words by Anthony Walker

Lil Jabba - Maven

Lil Jabba, a Baltimore-born, Brooklyn-based producer of Chicago juke, is releasing the album ‘Scales’ on Local Action the 1st of July. A collection of older tracks that were uploaded to Youtube or released on limited cassettes and brand new material, it will showcase his unique genre-blending take on footwork in a proper full-length work for the first time. The light and airy Maven, first featured on the self-released ‘Swisher’ in 2011, has been resurrected for the new release and it’s available to stream and buy here.


01. Red Current
02. Cavern
03. Maven
04. Raiders
05. Loki
06. Echinacea
07. Tomorrow
08. Gorgon
09. Station North
10. Spektor
11. Precision
12. Serum

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