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16.08.2011, Words by Charlie Jones

Lil Wayne & Drake – She Will (Rick Ross remix) [MP3]

It’s just a guess, but I would be very surprised if there was a week in 2011 when there wasn’t a song featuring Drake, Lil Wayne or Rick Ross in the US Billboard Top 10. Earlier this year DJ Khaled got the three of them on the same track with “I’m On One” and “She Will” is an equally anthemic joint in the making. On his most recent creation, Lil Wayne meanders his way through his usual endless barrage of metaphors, while Drake demonstrates his seemingly never-ending ability to write a gloomy rap hook. A week later and Rick Ross has added an extra verse, barking over the final minute and ensuring we know how well he’s doing for himself these days. Word is floating around that T-Minus, the producer on this track, sampled an iPad game called “Sword & Sorcery” to create this one without asking permission. Seeing as all three of the vocalists on the track featured in the Forbes 2011 Top 20 Earners in Hip-Hop I’m sure that between the three of them they can offer a bit of compensation.

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