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02.03.2016, Words by dummymag

Listen: Giacomo & Michaelangelo - Acid Tree (Energea Remix)

Established as an outlet for tried and tested bombs built strictly for the dancefloor, Play It Say It is Seth Troxler's 'no frills' label. Offering up a tad more indulgence than Kwik Save's extra value range, the label has so far been home to the likes of Leonardo Gonnelli, Steve Lawler, Butch and Clarian.

Now, Seth readies the next Play It Say It release, ‘The Acid’ EP, which comes as a various artist sampler, including tracks from Giacomo & Michelangelo and Ataxia, plus a return to the label for The Mekanism. Sitting alongside the panned percussive flutterings of The Mekanism's Lazy Night and the urgent electro-tinged growls of Ataxia's Afternoon Acid, Giacomo & Michelangelo finish off 'The Acid EP' with Acid Tree (Energea Mix). Streaming below, it's a burning acid groove rife with extended breakdowns, jittery trip-inducing vocal samples, and drum shuffles as tight as sprayed on jeans that's left us wishing acid really did grow on trees.

We can't say much more than keep this one ready to cue up on your next hallucinatory excursion.

'The Acid EP' is out 12" from February 26th and digital from March 11th.

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