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17.06.2011, Words by Charlie Jones

Loose Fit - Bolsena [MP3 & Video]

Loose Fit play it low-slung and slinky. The duo of Daniel Willis and Johnny Smith released their first single Chug last year on Join The Dots. They’ve since been busy remixing, adding punch to Snoretex and Duffstep among others. There’s also a really gorgeous, fluttering cover version of Oni Ayhun’s OAR003-B up on their soundcloud. Now they’ve got an EP out on their own label Music Hath Charms.

The Happy Mondays influence is the obvious one of course given their band name and the chugging, Hacienda-esque swagger of their music. There’s detail here though, and a feel-good quality to their tunes that gives them the kind of breathless, timeless feel necessary for this to work. Loose Fit have a strong, decadent, character all their own. Watch the ravey technicolour video for Bolsena below, and download an MP3 of the radio edit of Bolsena on this page to get acquainted.

Bolsena from Thomas Whitehead on Vimeo.

Music Hath Charms released Loosefit’s ‘Bolsena’ on 6th May 2011

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