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11.07.2011, Words by Charlie Jones

LV & Joshua Idehen Youtube playlist of London songs

London trio L.V.)?anv=lv released their debut album ‘Routes’ earlier this year on Keysound. A collaboration with vocalist Joshua Idehen, ‘Routes’ remains a great record, with a distinctive magpie approach to UK dance music, the album’s talent is in managing to pack in a lot of ideas without you really noticing. The production is crisp, Idehen’s vocals well-judged, flicking between the dark to the witty and funny. It’s an album that moves easily with it’s own mechanical, quirky swing, the ebb and flow of it contributing to the distinctly London feel of ‘Routes’. Plus, there’s a song on it called Northern Line. The trio are playing with Idehen next week, so Idehen told us about the music that triggers ideas of London for him.

Dizzee Rascal I Love You

This was my introduction to grime. The lyrics, the flowstyle, Signature high pitch voice, his sparring partner’s girl-next-door looks, and last but not least that monster of a beat; like a Playstation bitch slapping a jaguar.

The Streets Has It Come To This

I have a hate-him-love-him-love-him-more-what-the-hell-were-them-last-two-albums-about relationship with Skinner’s material, but this song was def one from his better days. It made me feel like I was witnessing a brave new wave of music. Skinner did a good job of condensing my week into a 3min-something song. Wicked ‘Sliding Doors’ concept too.

So Solid Oh No

THE SONG DOESN’T MAKE ANY SENSE! THE CHORUS AND THE VERSE DON’T GO TOGETHER! It sounds like someone is listening to the neighbours bickering, the telly and pirate radio at the same time. WHY IS HE RAPPING? HE CAN’T RAP! WHY AM I DANCING?! HOW COME I KNOW ALL THE WORDS? etc.

The Prodigy Firestarter

I used to work in a bar on Regent Street with a dude named Dean. Pretty much every time this song came on we’d jump on the bar and go nuts, kicking drinks off, yelling at customers, spraying said customer with a coke syrup gun, throwing icecubes down cleavages… there were a lot of cleavages… How we didn’t get fired for it is anyone’s guess, but I’m godfather to Dean’s son, so something good came of it in the end. I think.

Ms. Dynamite ft. Sticky Boo

Look at that hair! You can bounce a banquet of babies off that thing! This song is the only reason I ever yelled ‘Boo!’ when I thought something was ‘Sick!’ Spent a few days dancing with a growl on my face to this badman track. Couldn’t wait for Dynamite’s album to drop as well. Ahh, retrospect.

Keysound released LV’s album ‘Routes’ on 23rd March 2011, and LV will play Notting Hill Arts Club on 19th July 2011

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