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10.10.2012, Words by dummymag

Main Attrakionz - Cloud Body

Despite the fact that it belongs to a tracklist which doesn’t boast one Friendzone or Clams Casino beat (both of whom were behind some of Main Attrakionz’s biggest ‘cloud rap’ hits), Cloud Body’s instrumental and lyrical content suggests that the duo have accepted their role in the sub-genre more so than ever.

Their new single, which is produced by Montreal-based production team Grown Folk, is a soothing, spacey piece of work that has no doubt been placed at the end of the new album so as to carry listeners away on a real high. With a chorus that echoes Cloud rap, it’s that s**t that you can trust, it seems that Main Attrakionz have diverted being pigeon-holed as mere smoker’s rap by wholly embracing the assured creativity which has, thus far, always been apparent in their music.

Check it out just below.

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