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13.06.2011, Words by Charlie Jones

Majical Cloudz & Grimes - Dream World [MP3]

Majical Cloudz are a pair of Canadian musicians, whose latest record, ‘II’ is available here on a pay-what-you-want basis. For now though, download an MP3 of their collaboration with fellow Montreal artist Grimes. Dream World is a track of darkly cooing noise-pop, a post-punk chugging rhythm carrying an, unsurprisingly, dreamy vocal along. It’s the details of this that are the best. The acoustic guitar that comes in, grounding the whole thing, little burbling electronic noises that stop it drifting too far into late ’80s/early ’90s retro territory. Majical Cloudz and Grimes show us that, when done well, simple is all you need.

Buy Grimes’s album ‘Halifaxa’

Arbutus Records released Majical Cloudz ‘II’ in June 2011

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