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03.12.2012, Words by dummymag

Maya Jane Coles - Easier To Hide [EP stream]

Maya Jane Coles returns with her first EP in 12 months, topping off a big year which saw her release an entry into !K7’s ‘DJ-KiCKS’ series alongside singles for Dogmatik and Heidi’s Jackathon Jams imprint. The EP may be named ‘Easier To Hide’, but it in fact features Maya at her most visible: the EP was entirely self-produced, with the in-demand DJ taking on writing, production, vocal, engineering and mixing duties over its four tracks, while its release comes through her own label, the transparently-titled I Am Me. She even designed the artwork herself.

You can stream the EP ahead of its release below, although you’d be advised to ensure you have a good pair of speakers to hand – the sub bass is room-shaking.

I Am Me Recordings will release the ‘Easier To Hide’ EP on 16th December 2012.

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