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29.04.2012, Words by Lauren Martin

Miguel - Art Dealer Chic Vol. 3

Grammy award nominated R&B singer and producer Miguel rounds off his ‘Art Dealer Chic’ EP series with Vol. 3, an imaginative three-track offering of modern R&B. After the success of his 2010 album ‘All I Want Is You’, Miguel undertook the ‘Art Dealer Chic’ project in February as a way to experiment with the limits of what we consider to be the typical R&B sound, and Vol. 3 is a thoroughly eclectic round-up to the trilogy.

It’s impossible to listen to first track Party Life without imagining him side-stepping onstage alongside Prince, and Ooh Ahh! works an electric guitar in a way that I haven’t heard on an R&B track in a long time. Miguel calls his music “fly, funkadelic, intergalactic-hip-hop-meets-sexy-orgasmic crazy, dope shit”, and with the ‘Art Dealer Chic’ series sadly now at an end, I’d have to agree.

You can stream Art Dealer Chic Vol. 3 via Soundcloud, or download via

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