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23.08.2011, Words by Charlie Jones

Mount Kimbie - Daytrotter Session [MP3]

It’s no secret that Mount Kimbie are one of the most special and interesting bands to emerge over the past few years. One can barely move for producers aping their cracked, delicate take on bass these days. It’s a sound that’s easily imitated, but requires a level of skill and care few other than Mount Kimbie themselves possess, to do well. It’s a skill subtle and almost unnoticeably applied on record, but live it really shows through. This session recorded for Daytrotter catches the band on strong form, their way of bending fragile sounds and spaces around a listener all the more obvious when heard happening live. You can listen and download the session below.

Mount Kimbie – Daytrotter Session by DummyMag

Hotflush released Mount Kimbie’s ‘Carbonated’ EP on 18th July 2011

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