New Music
13.01.2012, Words by Charlie Jones

New industrial band Eaux sound like stargazing at the edge of the world

Sian Alice Group made some lovely post-rock leaning experimental pop records, ‘59.59’ from back in 2009 in particular standing out. Now three quarters of that band have formed Eaux, which explores the electronic side of that bands experimentation further, but retaining the same lovely, organic soul that always marked their compositions out.

Eaux currently have three songs up on their soundcloud page, The End At The Start, The Light, and Burnout, all of which are gorgeous sparkling landscapes of delicate folk, awash with gentle guitar arpeggios, twinkling synths and singer Sian’s lovely yearning voice. It’s similar in sound to Warpaint, but there’s something all the more fragile and beguilingly ethereal about Eaux. Listen to their songs below, and feel like you’re sat on the edge of the world gazing up stars.


the light demo by eauxeaux

burnout demo by eauxeaux

Eaux’s debut show will be supporting Blondes at The Shacklewell Arms on 16th February 2012

Details here

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