New Music
Dj Lycox
28.11.2017, Words by dummymag

New Music: DJ Lycox - Sonhos & Pesadelos EP

Since 2011, the Lisbon-based label Príncipe continues to excel musically, not only due to the content and quality being released, but mainly due to the ever-evolving talent and scene they’re pushing. This musical revolution is led by a crop of artists who base themselves solely on new sounds, forms, structures and their own set of poetic and cultural identity.

Paris-based producer DJ Lycox belongs to a newer generation inspiring a younger set of producers who are all adding to the timeline of this emerging sound. Lycox’s latest release, Sonhos & Pesadelos, stays true to Kuduro's backbone whilst innovating through the creation of new textures and structures within his production. Lycox's EP is raw only because it is a literal translation of his mental space into sound, and this physicality is one element of his ambitious take on dance music. Listen below!


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