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22.03.2018, Words by dummymag

New Music: Subculture Sage - Same Old Thing

Ones to watch Subculture Sage are gearing up for the the release of their new EP, Niccolo's Dead, on April 6th, a sonic move forward from previous efforts. In preparation they share a super-charged cut, 'Same Old Thing'.

Subculture's beat forms a twist on classic grime tropes, laced with swirling, Eastern-inspired melodies. Meeting it head on, MC Hypeman Sage reels off quick-fire bars, taking shots at the state of play within a stagnant wider scene — “we’re disappointed at how most urban music on the radio all sounds the same nowadays”, he asserts.

A monstrous statement of intent, the track shows the duo are about to set pace on their new project.

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