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10.12.2012, Words by dummymag

Night Works - Long Forgotten Boy

Initially the bass player with Metronomy, Gabriel Stebbing – AKA Night Works – made an exit to focus on his own group, Your Twenties. Your Twenties released a handful of excellent singles before going AWOL, with Stebbing helping out on his brother Michael Lovett’s project, NZCA/Lines, in the meantime. Given that these groups have been behind some of the best British pop music to have come out in the last few years, it’s only natural that expectations are high for Stebbing’s next project, but thankfully these expectations have been met. Night Works is perhaps his most realised project to date, with tracks like The Eveningtime and new single Long Forgotten Boy illustrating his knack for presenting the offbeat and experimental within the framework of pop music.

Long Forgotten Boy, the lead single from Night Works’ forthcoming album ‘Urban Heat Island’, comes produced by former bandmate Joseph Mount. It’s a minimalistic but colourful pop gem, and if it’s to be taken as an indicator of how ‘Urban Heat Island’ will sound, then we’ve already got an album to look forward to in 2013.

Loose Lips Records will release ‘Urban Heat Island’ on March 4th.

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