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28.06.2010, Words by Ruth Saxelby

One quick question: Ghost Hunter

An avid collector of vintage analogue synthesisers, GHOST HUNTER aka Sheffield-based producer Robert Verrecchia releases his refreshingly tropical 10” debut single Island Barbados this July. It’s been a long while coming as he’s been making music for three years; most recently remixing the likes of Charlotte Gainsburg, These New Puritans (review of their album ‘Hidden’ here) and Blondes (interviewed here), the latter of which you can download on the right. His blend of laconically minimalist IDM come lo-fi dance music serves as an excellent reminder of what up-and-coming British production is capable of. Island Barbados is awash with equatorial soundscapes effortless blended with hauntingly lasting drum lines that echo through the subconscious well after the track has finished. Ahead of its release, it only seemed right to take a quick dip into the glitchy barrier reef from which GHOST HUNTER seems to have emerged.

You describe your music as ‘tropical’, what is it about tropical soundscapes that you find interesting?

I love the visual, dreamy side to music, the way it can take you on a journey. With Island Barbados and a few other tracks, I tried to channel this tropical vibe. I guess “Tropical” for us Brits is exciting and adventurous. I think for some it can be nostalgic or even otherworldy. I want to put anyone listening into that frame of mind, you know, elicit those emotions.

Ghost Hunter Island Barbados is released on July 26 on House Anxiety. He plays The Garage this Wednesday 30th June with Blondes. The first 50 people to email will get guestlist.

Ghost Hunter’s myspace

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