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25.03.2011, Words by Charlie Jones

One Quick Question: Unknown To The Unknown

Unknown To The Unknown is the new project from Hot City man DJ Haus. At the end of the month they’ll make their debut release ‘Assassin’, which comes backed with a remix from DJ Stingray. Fun, erratic, with plenty of rave bounce. They play our night with Apocalypso this Saturday.

Could you tell us something so far unknown about you?

Were fresh off the block, although been around for a long time. We’ve all got our own things going on and UTTU is a project for us all to come together on. Our music is kind of like a lab experiment, for example, if grime, uk funky, techno, electro and acid were all elements, we’re the kids at the back of science class wearing Balaclavas and Underground Resistance tee’s trying to morph all of them together, whilst burning UTTU into the desk with a bunsen burner.

We’ve got gigs coming up, well tonight, well actually now were just jumping on a flight to Cocoon in Frankfurt, UTTU Boiler room takeover with DJ Rashad and DJ Stingray. Of course were playing Dummy’s party and were taking over Xoyo in June and putting on Doppleffekt live.

So I guess were not really that unknown now? Lolz.

Unknown To The Unknown will play at Dummy Versus Apocalypso on March 26th


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