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09.12.2011, Words by Charlie Jones

Palomar - Meditation In An Emergency

In 2011, few things have been as pleasingly odd as the Endless House Foundation, that group of eastern European musicians who allegedly (and we can’t stress that ‘allegedly’ enough) recorded in a mansion in a forest in 1973. Now Dramatic Records, the label responsible for that release, have posted a new track from the forthcoming project of label “associate” Palomar.

As with any of the artists on Dramatic Records, there isn’t much any information about him to hand. All we know for sure is that the record will be “examining the phenomenology of, erm, swimming”. The track itself is pretty heavy and aquatic, a slow and atmospheric krautrock crawl, all moody psychedelic flourishes and a vocal that sounds like a blank hazy-eyed stare. They’ll probably be an elaborate back story announced soon to go with the record’s release, but for now just listen and sink into this deep and pretty bed of noise.

Meditation In An Emergency by Palomar_DramaticRecords

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