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21.02.2013, Words by dummymag

Parisian - Daul Kim [EP stream]

We recently gave you a first listen to the crumbling beauty of St Louis producer Parisian’s Still In Love With. Now here’s a stream of his ‘Daul Kim’ EP – named after the South Korean model and blogger who committed suicide in 2009 – which was released by Push & Run this week. Parisian, who followed Kim’s blog before her passing, wanted the EP to honour her life, telling Planet Motion: “She had a teen’s voice in the fashion world, and that melancholic tone she frequently wrote with overwhelmed me. You could always feel that impending catharsis in her words, but I never expected it to culminate into the loss of her life.”

You’d be forgiven for feeling that emotive, hip hop-abstracted electronics – those with with a penchant for pitch-shifting vocal around lush, snap-crackling beats – can seem ten a penny in 2013. Sifting through that abundance presents a task similar to any other listening experience – you’re searching for the stuff of emotions, the stuff that will really stir up something genuine. And fortunately, considering the weighty and sensitive subject it gives its name to, ‘Daul Kim’ presents itself as a sincere and thoughtful piece of work.

The EP avoids becoming bogged down in only expressing solemn-faced mournfulness, instead wanting to consider Kim’s human complexities. Opener Diamond Variations glistens and shines, but also comes with snatches of sinister cackling laughter. Even on Still In Love With, the EP’s most heart-rattling moment, the cackles briefly re-emerge like a suppressed memory – with such psychological mining hinted at further on the treads of Places She’s Been.

Stream the EP in full below.

Push & Run released the ‘Daul Kim’ EP on the 18th February 2013.

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