New Music
09.09.2011, Words by Charlie Jones

Patten - Fire Dream [MP3]

A new song from the forthcoming album – to be released by No Pain In Pop at the end of the month – of London producer patten is now available to download. Like most of his work, it relies on the melody being constantly just out of reach, buried in tape hiss and crackle, the listener’s interest maintained by following it, all dazed and entranced, like Alice and the White Rabbit in Wonderland. Fire Dream is visceral, but in a haunting, faraway manner, drums echoing distantly deep down in the mix. Download it on this page, look out for the full album out in a few weeks – it’s a hole forth falling into.

No Pain In Pop will release Patten’s album ‘GLAQIO XAACSSO’ on the 27th September 2011

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