New Music
09.01.2012, Words by Charlie Jones

patten – IX & V

Much of my time is spent wandering around London, and last autumn, I found the perfect soundtrack in patten’s wonderful IDM album ‘Glaqjo Xaacsso’ [No Pain In Pop]. It’s great dusk music in any place, but especially suited to patten’s hometown, being, as it is, infinitely complex, fired with both radical imagination and history’s hand, with that peculiar mix of sleepy nervousness native to the British capital.

Anyway, it was a pleasingly successful record, and, after the remixes EP, No Pain have ordered a CD of edits, two of which are below, the rest of which will be on the two CD package of ‘Glaqjo Xaacsso’, out now. Their surface is mellower, reminding the causal listener of the pastoral underneath ‘Glaqjo Xaacsso’. London stock, through and through, underneath patten’s pavements are village fields.

v by patten

ix by patten

patten’s ‘Glaqjo Xaacsso’, featuring a double CD of edits, is out now on No Pain In Pop

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