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26.02.2013, Words by dummymag

Planningtorock - Misogyny Drop Dead (Pursuit Grooves remix)

In an age where Katy Perry deems it necessary to prefix the words “I do believe in the strength of women” with “I’m not a feminist, but…”, we need more musicians like Planningtorock; musicians who will say what they believe in and say it loud. International Women’s Day single Misogyny Drop Dead is basically the best thing to have come out this year (this is truth, not music writer hyperbole), and it has now been remixed by Pursuit Grooves. Pursuit Grooves is a fantastic producer of experimental music, having put out weird, hip hop-leaning beats through labels like Tectonic and Brownswood over the years, and is an excellent choice for the remix – as the opening sentences of her official bio point out:

“When speaking of electronic or hip hop producers who have made innovative contributions to their genre, females are rarely mentioned. Whether hard to find or never exposed, Pursuit Grooves is making it her business to deliver an important message to the world…WE DO EXIST!”

If you aren’t familiar with Pursuit Grooves, then get acquainted: you may just find your new favourite producer. You can stream the mix below – special thanks must go to FACT for premiering it.

Human Level Recordings will release ‘Misogyny Drop Dead’ EP on the 8th March 2013 (International Women’s Day).

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