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ATM xerox
08.07.2014, Words by dummymag

Premiere: ATM - Failed Interaction

As recently noted with Beat Detectives' mad CGI Bart Simpson-in-the-buff video for Fresh Out The Pack, there aren't many labels that can match Vancouver's 1080p for consistently acing it as far as granular, wistful fuzz-grooves go. Their latest project sees Perfume Advert – who are (correct us if we're wrong) the finest lo-fi bedroom house duo to ever come out of Middlesbrough – mix with the curlicues of ambient smoke billowing from M/M's flattened techno-funk. Meshing as ATM (At The Moment? Automated Teller Machine?) they're channelling the intracacies of their own projects into an album's worth of freshly crumbled jams called 'Xerox'. One of which is Failed Interaction: listening to it is a little like the experience of grooving to a Trax Records classic while slowly sinking into quicksand. 

1080p will release 'Xerox' on July 15th (pre-order). 

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