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25.06.2012, Words by dummymag

Premiere: Darling Farah - Body (album stream)

Born in techno’s birthplace Detroit before relocating to the United Arab Emirates, 20 year old Darling Farah is now living in London, where his debut album was written. ‘Body’ is masterfully toned down and sophisticated, while still retaining a certain sense of excitement and dynamism. Each track flows majestically into the next as the album travels across the techno vista, from the realms of sparsely scattered beats and ambient echoed synthesiser, to native Detroit sounds with rusty mechanical reverb. Farah creates harmonic equilibrium, evoking a kind of sensual hypnotism and simultaneously irrepressibly moving the body. Breaking away from a critical world where clubs are few and far between and playing live music is prohibited, Darling Farah’s debut blossoms promisingly but isn’t superfluous or obnoxious. His music is balanced, proportional and exquisite.

Farah will also be playing in London tonight, information and tickets here

Stream Darling Farah’s debut album ‘Body’, released via Civil Music below:

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