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20.04.2018, Words by dummymag

Premiere: Die Achse - Nicolas Cage (ft. Ghetts & Assassin)

Die Achse, translated as 'the axis' in German, are a new genre of punk artist, formed by renowned producers Farhot and Bazzazian. Individually, the two producers have helped shape the sound of European hip-hop and urban pop for more than a decade – Iranian Bazzazian's name holds weight in Germany, while Farhot has worked with everyone from Talib Kweli to Kano – but are now powering up together to take the world. Today, they link up with grime Ghetts and dancehall king Assassin on 'Nicolas Cage', premiering below.

In no way a tribute to the cult actor, the track immediately transports you to the exoticism of the Amazon Rainforest, and wouldn't be out of place in a carnival setting. With their debut EP out soon, this is just the first time you'll be hearing the name Die Achse.

Listen to 'Nicolas Cage' and watch the video below.


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