New Music
13.06.2012, Words by Charlie Jones

Premiere: Gobby – Viewing HRS

One label Dummy seems to keep going gaga for is UNO. Only 18 months old, the New York label has released some of the more interesting artists floating around the electronic underground, including Jacques Greene, Fatima Al-Qadiri, Mykki Blanco and our very own CFCF. It’s a family of free, arty-farty dance musicians, so obviously we’re quite the fans.

Their new signing is their most radical yet. Dressed in a blue mask and fond of a YouTube channel or ten, Gobby produces whacked-out digital funk that sounds like machine muzak at the supermarket at the End Of Days. If the End Of Days began in Dubai (which it probably will), that is, and involved partying with Italian millionaires who know the guy who invented the Korg synthesiser and someone that can get Ayahuasca ( which it probably won’t).

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