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25.11.2015, Words by dummymag

Premiere: Mathias Kaden - Energie (Michael Mayer remix)

As an ode to the energy of classical —characterised by warmth and soul— house sounds, Mathias Kaden’s second album 'Energetic' was received generously this summer.

There's no better candiate to remix the Rocko Schamoni featuring track Energie other than, Kompakt hero Michael Mayer. I met Michael earlier this year at Oasis Festival. I was incredibly hungover, and incredibly under-prepared so between an impromptu appearance from a James Dean lookin' Axel Boman and staring at wild cats in the hotel as DJ Harvey sipped a coffee on the next table, Michael told me that if he could spend a day in the studio with any artist, he would choose ABBA. 

Mayer's varied palette is what makes his productions so great – and on Energie he utilises the effect of the sheer energy exuded by Rocko Schamoni as an opportunity to create a dancefloor hit that spirals out of control, inducing a fit of euphoria from the calm end of 'Energetic.

'Energetic Remixes Part 1' is out November 27th on Freude Am Tanzen. 

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