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21.09.2015, Words by Natalie /

Premiere: Midnight To Monaco - Suicide (Jereme LOL remix)

Midnight To Monaco are Canadian singer Ricky Ducati and Empire Of The Sun songwriter Donnie Sloan. Now based in Los Angeles the duo are making nu-wop that's primed for nothing but good times. Their artwork is on point too: with the perfect '50s aesthetic of slick-back hair, pleated trousers, leather jackets, aviator glasses and loafers whipped up by celebrated illustrator Robert McGinnis. The late-night mystique and sexed up air of the Hollywood Hills couldn't possibly be captured better than by an artist responsible for the early James Bond and Breakfast At Tiffany's movie posters.

Their debut track Suicide gets the remix treatment from Jerome LOL, drawing through stripped back vocals from the original alongside bongos, making fine work of a tune you could easily hum along to on balmy evenings with an Aperol Spritz in hand. Jerome LOL pretty much put Suicide on his breakfast tray and poured hot sauce all over it, like the track was a plate of huevos rancheros. It made us hungry.

Read the story of Midnight to Monaco below:

"Rex Club. Paris. The late 1990s. 

A kid sneaks into a Respect is Burning party. Inside he experienced a sound unlike anything he’d ever heard. And it stuck with him forever.

The kid was Donnie Sloan. The sound was the French Touch.

Cut to many years later. Mr. Sloan, now grown. A multiplatinum songwriter and producer. He had everything needed. Except the voice for his upcoming project.

At the time it must have seemed like just another jam session. Another late one in the hills. But the singer he heard that night was unforgettable. 

And Donnie knew instantly. 
That was the voice to take 50’s doo wop harmony into the future. 

Ricky Ducati got to LA with fifty bucks, his leather jacket and a pack of reds. But when you sing like Ricky, nothing else is required. 

It was over the next months that they cut the record on the same vintage Neve console as The Beach Boys, The Mamas and the Papas and countless legends before them. 

Ducati on vocals.
Sloan at the controls.

Their sound is a lifetime of influence.
Their name is Midnight to Monaco."

Midnight To Monaco's single Suicide is out now (buy) with full EP and remixes expected on September 18th.

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