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10.04.2013, Words by dummymag

Premiere: Noah x SELA - Do You Remember

Tokyo label flau, who’ll be showcased at Cafe OTO in London next week, are prepping a joint release from on-the-rise US producer SELA and Nagoya-based artist and composer Noah. Do You Remember is lifted from Noah’s half of the EP, and echoes the dreamiest moments on Friendzone’s latest Kuchibiri Network mixtape. As Do You Remember’s vapoury beats continue to drift skyward, they’re soon joined by some sumptuous grand piano, as if blended with a Studio Ghibli soundtrack. While indebted to cloud rap’s cumulus production, Do You Remember comes off like a more refined, sophisticated take on it.

flau will release the ‘Noah x SELA’ EP on the 15th April.

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