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13.02.2018, Words by dummymag

Premiere: Noire - Palm Leaf

London-based record label Sans Absence are getting ready to release Bristol-based producer Noire’s debut EP, Castle Futur, on February 23rd. Noire will be a name familiar to many for his outrageous conistency, with his dubs evolving into staples in many percussion-heavy UK club sets. The Castle Futur EP solidifies this, bringing out three of his most sought-after and propulsive peak-time tracks for everyone to wheel in the rave.

The EP starts out with steel-pan roller ‘Palm Leaf’, premiering below. With rolling rhythms and a foundation-shaking bass, the track’s feel harkens back to the understated swagger of UK funky's underrated classics. But Noire adds his own edge, using skittering, restless snares, ghostly siren blasts and a hypnotic vocal to bring moments of hype out of the laid back funky framework.

Listen exclusively below.

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