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24.08.2017, Words by dummymag

Premiere: Oleka - Lights / City That I'm From

From South East London come Oleka, a four-piece that strive to make dark, dance-riddled, forward thinking pop music. Drawing from a number of different genres, theirs is a sound characterised by soulful vocals, layered percussion and rich, analog synth melodies. Today, they return with double A-side single 'Lights / City That I'm From' via their own Drift City label.

Musically, 'Lights' runs along a deep groove with tight, guitar-driven choruses and synth-washed verses. The lyrics compare wanting somewhere or someone with the closeness of a hot summer night in London or a similar city, releasing pervasive feelings of nostalgia. Meanwhile, 'City That I’m From' is more dancefloor-oriented, immediately launching into bass-heavy, driving verses, polished with synth strings and R&B-influenced samples throughout. The song is about all the times you feel left-out or unwanted, walking at night after leaving a banging party early, or waiting for a phone call that you end up not picking up anyway.

Listen to 'Lights / City That I'm From' exclusively below:


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