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02.08.2012, Words by Charlie Jones

Premiere: So Many Wizards – Warm Nothing [album stream]

So Many Wizards are an LA-based band that record deceptively simple songs with guitars and drums. Nima Kazerouni, an Iranian refugee, spent time in Jamaica and Europe before he found his way to the sunnier climes of Cali, where he fell in with the ever-productive experimental art scene based around The Smell and Pehrspace, where he met his bandmates Erik Felix, Geoff Geis, and Frank Maston.

Like much of LA’s DIY scene, their music combines a definet optimism with an unhurried melody and experimentation. Their debut LP, ‘Warm Nothing’ is a fluent statement of intent, refreshingly tuneful and untroubled, and recalls that fabulous quip about LA – it may only have one season, but at least it’s the best one. Stream the EP below, and underneath read the band’s artistic statement. Warm Nothing is out on JAXART next week.

Writing and recording this LP has been a labor of love. It was no easy task by any means, nor should it be. We are proud of the work we have done and hope you truly enjoy it. “Warm Nothing” is that blank feeling that comes from being lost in whatever you’re doing. It’s beautiful, but it comes and goes. The songs on this LP try to capture that feeling of letting go of all the daily bullshit we get caught up in and getting to the heart of what really matters. It’s ok to do whatever you want in life. That’s what the album is about and that’s why I play in this group. My band mates are wonderful and have given me this amazing opportunity to make this record. Take it in. Listen on repeat. I believe this is an album that can grow on you over time and become your good friend.

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